What Does Military Radio Chatter Actually Sound like?

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What does military radio chatter actually sound like? How does it differ between branches?

There are formal radio messages that are set up to quickly pass important information in a universal and recordable way. The rest of the time it can be like talking on the phone. Depends on what net you are talking on. If high ranking individuals were listening it was all proper but if it was just local there was cussing and arguing just like any other type of conversation. The only real no no was using names of our people. Had to always be call signs. In response to the OP SEC post, everything here is easily found in military field manuals that are available in PDF online…Go be hooah somewhere else

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If it's a remote site, you might have no more than a single phone line which becomes the primary means of communication. There are some military field guides that outline how to use radios. They are pretty straightforward, but here's a brief review. 1) Set yourself a time to be available for a call; a few minutes beforehand sounds reasonable. 2) Ask about the status of the transmission. If it's going to take long, try to get someone on the other end to help hold you for a little. When the caller answers the radio, explain at the beginning of the transmission that you're going to be waiting and ask him or her to please be patient, there will be awhile between them hanging up the phone and starting over. 3) At the end, if needed, you can repeat everything the caller said. 4) If necessary, you can say.