What Does the Sign Mean on My Ford Focus Dashboard?

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What does the sign (i) mean on my Ford Focus dashboard?

Most likely its a tire pressure warning. Unless your car has been equipped with a towbar. You didnt happen to be pulling a light trailer on some horrible road? if this is the case the trailer could have been bouncing up, down and sideways causing your rear tires to slip and bounce. The difference in rotation speed gets picked up or the lack of useful sigbals gets detected giving you a low tire pressure warning (red exclamation mark) A DCT failure (textwarning on display), your Cruise control wont work nor will your speed limiter. You will get a warning that you can continue to drive but you need to limit your speed and acceleration. If this is the case then dont worry. Just drive to a gasstation, inflate your tires (car and trailer + spare tire) and set the tire pressure in your idrive maybe your tire pressure really was bad. Dont worry because the error might still be there. just go home. Turn off the car. Go take a 30 minute break and notice that when you start the car starts your warnings will all be gone, your cruise control works fine and your speedlimiter and DCT all seem to work just fine.

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This is an indication that your computer may have detected that the tire pressure was high and put the warning on the wrong warning tone. You can also use the following methods to check the tire pressures. First you want your tire pressure on the front and rear of the tires with a 1/4 inch and 6 mm readout respectively. The 1/4 inch measure can be found behind or to the left of the front tire tread. On most 4)4's the 1/4 inch measure can be found between the front and rear wheels or just before the front bumper. The 6 mm measure can be found behind or to the right of the rear tire tread. On most 4)4's the 6 mm measure can be found to the left or just below the rear bumper. A tire pressure check is often performed by a computer when you drive from stop to go..