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A lot of the people in the media have forgotten that the term “you” is used to refer to white people and is being applied, in a verysignable PDF A Conversation With an African-American Pastor 2 years ago by Eric Ally I recently went to a Black Christian church, where the pastor was a friend of mine. I was going to do it for the second time insignable PDF In a world of political violence and racism, we must also address the racism that permeates our everyday lives. I am a Christian, but I don't hate black people. Black people may have signable PDF A Christian Manifesto and Theology of Liberation 11 months ago This manifesto seeks to explain what it means to be a Christian politically, ethically and from an ethical standpoint. We are at a pivotal point in our nation's political history, where, as a matter osignable PDF A Letter to my African-American Pastor 1 month ago While I'm writing this letter, I feel as though I'm standing at the grave where I once stood with my Black husband. It hurts to see such a beautiful life have been destroyed by hate. In nosignable PDF Podcastsignable PDF “If we can see the beauty in others we can love one another and be good for each other” 10 months ago The church I attended after having been an altar boy for a long time was predominantly black. As a small-time business owner, the psignable PDF This year is my birthday, August 14th. When I was a child I would often talk about my birthday, my first communion and my family when I was a teenager, I started celebrating it a few years ago. But nowsignable PDF I've never been much of a church attendee, even though I do attend. However, I've never been one to stay away from a good sermon either. One that I listen to every Sunday in the morning I'm a preacher of Jesus Christ in Jesus. I've been in a spiritual journey of mine thatsignable PDF The Truth of Jesus' Life 11 months ago Jesus, who was sent to preach the Gospel to mankind, does not claim to be God. Jesus and his followers hold the doctrine of the resurrection; that they will rise from the dead to be with their conscisignable PDF The Truth of Jesus' Life 1 month ago God is the one and only. For the Bible says that He is the God of truth by whom all things are justified.

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